Brazilian artist born and raised in low income neighborhood of Sao Paulo. Drawing since 9 years old. Graffiti writer at 14. Graphic designer at 19. Studied Industrial Design and earned a graduate degree in Art History and Motion Graphics. More than 10 years working as a graphic designer, art director and illustrator on a graphic shop, a museum and a magazine. After teaching Graphic and Fashion Design on 3 different universities or over 9 years. Always looking for tools, techniques and new surfaces to experiment on, Rodrigo found out the tattoo world. For the past 7 years, he has been tattooing exclusive designs everyday. Each idea becomes a one of a kind piece of art. Rodrigo has tattooed in New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Vienna, Lisbon, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and some other cities. In 2018 he left his own tattoo studio on São Paulo to live and work in BERLIN.

BERLIN bookings are open until December 2018.

BRASIL bookings are closed.


A quick summary about my work flow:

No copies! Less references! More creativity! Freedom to create is essential if you want to get an original piece.

Give me 2 themes/elements or more to merge into an unexpected surrealistic piece. Tell me size, placement and colors you want. That’s all I need. Trust me and you won’t regret!

My designs will always mix black and vivid watercolor, dots, lines, geometry and patterns, as you’ve seen on my portfolio. I’ll show you how the design will fit to your body in Photoshop. We can do some tests, adjusts and when is approved… needles!

No lettering, refreshments or small pieces. Only custom designs made over each client idea.

Information about availability and guest spots by email or here:

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