Tas is a Brazilian artist born and raised in Sao Paulo. He started drawing when he was 9 years old, became a graffiti writer at 14, a graphic designer at 19, and an illustrator and father at 22. He graduated in Industrial Design, Art History, and Motion Graphics.

His career spans over 20 years between graphic designer, art director, illustrator, professor and tattooer. He has worked for a graphic shop, a museum, a magazine, and the first university – then, he spent more than 9 years teaching Graphic Design in 3 different universities. That is until 2011, when he came across a new path: tattooing.

Based on interesting human stories and inspired by unusual references, he has accumulated around 10 years of making exclusive designs daily. With his ever-evolving style, Tas mixes different techniques and different themes in a single piece. The outcome is both contemporary and surrealistic. Creative and original designs for meaningful motives, where each idea becomes a piece of art.

Tas has tattooed in New York, Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Milan, Vienna, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and other cities. From 2011 until 2017, he worked in his own private studio, as well as travelling around the globe. In 2018, he left São Paulo to live and work in the unique city of BERLIN.

Here’s a quick summary about my work flow:

I’m a storyteller. My designs are made over mixed motifs, techniques and styles. Either black only or vivid colors. Figurative or abstract. Geometric or organic. Dots or lines. Patterns or watercolor. Or simply mixing everything.

The less visual references you bring to me, the more space is open for creativity. More feelings come out, and the more meaningful pieces turn out. Artistic freedom is essential in the process.

I only need: theme, size, placement, colors, and your trust. Explain the main theme to me, along with other elements to merge into an unexpected surrealistic composition. It also helps to attach a few photos of the intended placement, and some of my own pieces that you like the best.

BERLIN bookings always open.

SÃO PAULO agenda fechada para 2021.

Availability, guest spots, other information via contato@rodrigotas.com or here:

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